Social Media Apps

Five, maybe ten years ago not many of us had smartphones.  Smartphones were reserved for businessmen, stockbrokers, and owners; those who needed an expanse of information very quickly.  Nowadays nearly everyone has a smartphone, all the way down to elementary school kids.  We use them for planning, we use them for the internet, and we use them for the apps.  Whether you prefer the iPhone or and Anroid system, many people base his or her phone choice off what apps are available, and the gap has narrowed.  You can now get just about anything on any operating system. 

Business Insider gave us a great article about the best social media apps around.  They list favorites among college aged students including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  These are programs we are all probably familiar with, and most of us probably use at least a couple of these apps routinely.  There are other apps though that may be a little bit less familiar that will enhance our marketability, which is very important in such a mobile world where prospective employers sometimes use social media to evaluate whether or not we can be hired.  Social Media Examiner lists six free apps that will improve your marketability in an October article.  They do include Facebook in their six, but they give us insights on how we can diversify our posts on Facebook to ensure that we have maximized our content quality and given our friends or likers the best possible experience.


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