The Front Row Show

Myself and a few friends are starting a podcast/radio show that will deal directly with Utah State Athletics.  We have been talking about it for a long time but have just recently been given the go-ahead from the athletic department and a possible partner in Aggie Radio and we are excited to express our opinions and spread some knowledge in a forum that is new to us.  As you might guess, with everything being quickly thrown together as far as us getting the green light, we have been scrambling to get the word out of this show so that we can get as much feedback as possible.  We have created Facebook and Twitter pages for the show (feel free to “Like” and follow us) and we also have a Ustream account so that people can listen in on our conversations live.

As a small organization with the desire to grow into something bigger and gain a following among “Aggie Nation” I have found it interesting how I can apply things I’ve learned in my Social Media class to the start-up of our sports podcast.  From the different platforms I’ve been introduced to to the ones I was already familiar with we have gone straight to social media before even getting our show started.  Our reasoning for this is simple, social media provides us with the ability to generate an audience before we even put the show on air.  As Utah State fans tend to be some of the most die hard and loyal fans in the country, we are confident that with the help of social media our venture will be a success.  I believe that podcasts will go along with video blogging as something that will catch on within social media and help propel Utah State Athletics to the forefront of the college sports social marketing scene.


2 thoughts on “The Front Row Show

  1. This will be really cool. I don’t know why people haven’t done it sooner. I liked you guys on FB and followed you on Twitter and I’m anxious to hear and see everything go down.

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